The name, the logo and Splash screen.

Ever since the start of this project I have been thinking “what should I call my app?”, and just under four weeks before the deadline, I have found a name I am finally happy with – ‘DecisioVenture’. It is a play on both the words Decision and Aventure, as through the decisions you make throughout the story it becomes the readers adventure. The slogan is ‘Your decisions, your adventure’ which also ties in well with the app’s name. Also when said quickly it can be sounded as, ‘this is your adventure’.

I have asked around twenty people what they think of the name, and 90% loved it. The only criticism I got was that maybe it was a bit too wordy for children, and so with this is in mind I am thinking of creating a voiceover on the splash screen which introduces the app and says ‘DecisioVenture’ so that children can hear how it’s pronounced which means it will be easier to say and remember.

After coming up with the name I thought it was a good idea to sketch up some ideas of logos and a splash screen.



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