Paper prototypes


I created this simple prototype so that I would have something I could not only portray verbally but also with a physical and material example. I also thought that creating something for the children to feel and interact with would engage with the children.

Artefact 1 – planning

Here I have planned out my ideas of getting findings in person and documenting them in survey and Q&A form (I will create these myself). From all these findings I will design a poster to reflect the results.

IMG_7184  IMG_7182

Q&A – I will ask questions like “What is your favourite thing to watch on TV?”, “What is your favourite colour?” I believe simple questions like these may help me to design something which attracts children, especially if there are clear consistencies.

Survey 1 – I will have photos of app themes to see what children like the most (colours, button locations etc.). I will show them material books to find out what they prefer.

Survey 2 – Characters, I will either design/draw my own or use familiar ones to find patterns that are favoured

I may also speak to parents to find out what they believe their children will like.

fun-survey              toddler1