Splash screen and logo final images

I have designed two logos and four splash screens which I am happy with. I need to cut it down to one logo and one splash screen.

I think out of the two splash screens I like the most, it’s the first two images.

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The name, the logo and Splash screen.

Ever since the start of this project I have been thinking “what should I call my app?”, and just under four weeks before the deadline, I have found a name I am finally happy with – ‘DecisioVenture’. It is a play on both the words Decision and Aventure, as through the decisions you make throughout the story it becomes the readers adventure. The slogan is ‘Your decisions, your adventure’ which also ties in well with the app’s name. Also when said quickly it can be sounded as, ‘this is your adventure’.

I have asked around twenty people what they think of the name, and 90% loved it. The only criticism I got was that maybe it was a bit too wordy for children, and so with this is in mind I am thinking of creating a voiceover on the splash screen which introduces the app and says ‘DecisioVenture’ so that children can hear how it’s pronounced which means it will be easier to say and remember.

After coming up with the name I thought it was a good idea to sketch up some ideas of logos and a splash screen.


The final look

These sketches have helped me to visualise how I want the final illustrations to look, they also helped the process of designing them digitally. Underneath are some of the final images, there are still a few small things that I am not entirely satisfied with, so I will revisit them in the next couple of days.

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In a little over two weeks I have created the illustrations for two books, as well as written both of the stories. At the beginning of Easter I was aiming for four books, but I have come to the realisation that this might not be possible with the little time I have left. My thoughts are now to prioritise finishing the programming side to the app, and then If I have time after all the other briefs to go back and add another story or two. Each story takes aproximetely a week to complete, and the app as well as a 3000 word essay is due in four weeks!