Similar examples of my idea

Decide Your Own Adventure Stories

This app was the only example with a similar concept to my idea, although I will execute it differently. Unlike this app my one will be directed at children, also the designs are quite dull which will be of a complete contrast to my app. There are also bad reviews in relation to the stories and functionality, I will take note of these so that my app is successful in those departments.

IMG_7178   IMG_7179  IMG_7180Most similar

Read Me Stories – Children’s books                                                                                      

I like this app, there are a lot of books categorised in groups. I’m not too fond on the designs, nor the transitions between pages however I like the manner in which aspects are laid out.


FarFaria: Free Children’s Books                                                                                         

I really like this app I think it’s brilliant. I would hopefully like to create something as good as this. There are tons of books, however they all look quite different from each other, I will make the books in my app all look consistently similar. My app will also be interactive with the stories as well as the possibility of making decisions throughout which is not apparent in these books.



This app is also well done, however I am no too keen on the illustrations, and the pages are quite pixilated. Also the books are expensive, with only a few books that are free. However I think it will be good for inspiration, and research.


iBooks – children category                                                                                                    iBooks have a section for children which is great, however the books are very expensive and the layout is very plain.



A very well done app that I enjoyed using, the illustrations and interactions are really good. The app works well and is easy to use. Although I couldn’t find an iOS version.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 12.55.46 Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 12.55.54 


Formative assignment

The brief is essentially two design artefacts which will later on help in my development of my major project. It can be related to anything in relation to planning, may that be functionality, user interface, mind mapping etc.

I have four potential ideas at the moment:

  1. Flow chart diagram
  2. User prototype testing
  3. Wiki hyperlinking (WikiWikiWeb)
  4. Potential character designs

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 23.26.01

Image of WikiWikiWeb example. Looks pretty dull but it’s a good and original first step to my Interaction idea united with the stories. With WikiWikiWeb any words that are camel cased will be hyperlinked to another page, so I will be able to portray aspects of my story where the user gets to make decisions and leads them to different avenues in the story.

Mock ups

I sketched out these images to help visualise and mock up the basic appearance of the app.

IMG_2957      This first image portrays the first page of the app, with a catalogue of books. In theory the names of the books would be present and more detail around and in the images but this is just a rough mock up.


This is the idea of a potential page of a book. The text would be written somewhere on the page, ideally where there’s the clearest open space, in this image it would be at the bottom, over the grass. Also to clarify the app designs will be digitalised and not drawings/painting, although I will most likely start the process by sketching my characters and scenes out on paper.

Lynda – Swift Tutorials

I’ve been working hard trying to get to grips with Swift as that is what I will be using to build my app. At the moment i’m finding it quite difficult but I am slowly progressing, going to Swift workshops once a week is also helping this process. I am currently looking to do something Swift based once a week as well as the workshops. I would spend more time with it but I’m also researching and starting to write up my 10,000 word dissertation, once that is done in January I will be able to put much more time on getting to grips with Swift.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 13.42.11 Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 20.14.46 (2)

Next steps

  • Further research
  • Begin learning and developing coding skills
  • Read children’s books, especially CYOA books.
  • Consider how you will write the stories
  • How many books?
  • Layout, Illustrations and animations
  • Paper planning, mind maps etc.
  • Taking my concept to schools and nurseries to get ideas and feedback*
  • Testing

CYOA – Choose Your Own Adventure