The stories

I have began to think about different stories/books I am thinking of creating for my app. I have found this quite difficult, I have tthought about incorporating educational themes to the stories so that children are able to learn more than just literacy.

Although very brief, here are six stories that are a possible starting point for the real thing:

  1. Catherine the cow is holding a barn dance at the farm to celebrate dolly ducks birthday. She has bought a new red piano but she has one problem she can’t play it. Catherine gathers all her farmyard friends to help her learn. She finds out along the way that all her friends can play their own instruments. Penny pig on the drums Henry Horse on the guitar Sally sheep on the tambourine Donald the dog on the trumpet.animals-playing-instruments-27230570
  2. Polly the Panda and Peter the penguin go on holiday. After picking between France, Italy and Spain, both characters go sightseeing as well as eating local delicacies and learning a word or two.                                                stock-vector-cute-cartoon-penguin-in-summer-holiday-204559897
  3. Chris the chipmunk’s story time. Dad chipmunk is reading a historical story to the chipmunk, he gives him an option of what exactly Chris wants to read. Chris imagines himself as that character from the story which is then portrayed through this book.
  4. Chloe the chicken’s first day at school. Chloe is very excited for her first day at school, after choosing what she wants to eat and dressing herself she begins her walk to school with her mum. Along the way she meets a friend, and learns how to safely cross the road. Once getting to school we learn that Chloe meets new friends, she has fun and learns a handful of subjects.
  5. Colin the capybara. Colin has no were to stay he asks many animals and no one wants to give him a place. After feeling frustrated, he begins to build his own house. Colin does a great job and builds a beautiful house. He hears a ring at the door, and its all the animals he spoke to earlier. They ask if they can come in and join them…140260_340
  6. Gustavo the Portuguese goldfish. Gustavo wants to take his owner on an adventure to wear he use to live, a river in town. Throughout this journey his owner (reader) learns a handful of basic Portuguese words.profile_picture_by_klausthefishplz-d4ctdcz

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