Formative assignment

The brief is essentially two design artefacts which will later on help in my development of my major project. It can be related to anything in relation to planning, may that be functionality, user interface, mind mapping etc.

I have four potential ideas at the moment:

  1. Flow chart diagram
  2. User prototype testing
  3. Wiki hyperlinking (WikiWikiWeb)
  4. Potential character designs

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 23.26.01

Image of WikiWikiWeb example. Looks pretty dull but it’s a good and original first step to my Interaction idea united with the stories. With WikiWikiWeb any words that are camel cased will be hyperlinked to another page, so I will be able to portray aspects of my story where the user gets to make decisions and leads them to different avenues in the story.


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