• Ages between 4-11
  • App for smartphone and tablet
  • Catalogue of books to choose from
  • It will be interactive, fun and colourful
  • Simple illustrations with animation
  • Based on traditional books, poems and tales
  • The user contributes to the story and makes decisions
  • Concept is similar to Choose Your Own Adventure books

I will focus on children as young as possible as this is prime time to begin an understanding in reading and an interest for books, the earlier the better.

An app once downloaded can be used anywhere without Internet connection. Preferably to be used with a tablet for its larger screen size. The user could be reading on holiday, in the car or even at home, literally anywhere. If I were to create a website, then the user would be more restricted. If I had more time I would also create a website alongside the app.

A catalogue of books means the user is not only stuck with one book. A variety of books will be better in keeping the child constantly learning. I am not sure how many books I will begin with as i’m not sure how long each will take to complete. I think starting off with six will be a nice number, but if I have time I will most definitely do more.

Having the books colourful and interactive I hope will keep the child entertained. Also simple illustrations and animations again for the same reason. I believe that making things too complicated will not suit children and they may become disengaged. I will do research to assure that what I do will not be from my opinion, but of the needs of my consumers.

I believe having the books loosely based on traditional text will help engage the child as they will recognise sections which may interest and entice them to read further. Having the child make decisions throughout the book will make them feel part of it, and will hopefully assure the user is entertained by the books so much that they want to carry on reading and entice them to read more.



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