The idea

The idea is to create an educational mobile app for primary school children. The app would portray a catalogue of books, all loosely based on traditional examples, such as poems and nursery rhymes. This can hopefully guarantee that many of the children who would be using the application will already be familiarised with the texts and scripts. Taking the main plot from the stories, poems and rhymes would also assist me in writing my own personalised narratives. Unlike a traditional book however, these books will allow you to interact with them, the user makes decisions after each few pages, which will guide the user through different adventures. The user could ultimately have a story with a different ending and experience, compared to someone else reading the exact same book. Hopefully these books will appeal to my target audience, and engage with them so that they take full advantage of what literacy can do for their education. Having the children control the books they read hopefully will entice them to read more and more. The aim is to get more children to read.

I have researched and there is nothing out there like this, there are interactive books but nothing for children where the user dictates the result of the book.


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