After research

After researching I have learnt that there is an actual problem with children’s learning ability in the last few years, and so I have decided to create an educational application for children.Through research I have learnt that from recent years test results and IQ’s have been on a gradual decrease, especially literacy skills. I believe that focusing my project on something in which solves a problem will help me to answer the brief in a better way.

Nicholas Carr (2010)  claims that children’s literacy skills have been on the decrease since the rise of the Internet. He suggests that the Internet has impacted on peoples lives that they no longer have to urge to read a book, he also suggests that the Internet is full of distractions, and it has the ability to effect a persons concentration levels.

“scores on the verbal portions of the test declined significantly. The average critical-reading score fell 3.3 percent…writing-skills score dropped an even steeper 6.9 percent…Literacy reading aptitude suffered the largest decline, dropping twelve percent”.

Child Literacy in 2012, an online article expresses that reading difficulties in the UK is a serious issue, around a third of children in London schools leave without the capacity to read and write. They state that people with weak literacy skills expect to earn 11% less than people with satisfactory knowledge. Reading stories also increases an individuals creative skills and imagination.

Dr Alice Sullivan and Matt Brown (2013) explains the importance of reading at a young age, they claim that individuals who read for pleasure do much better than those who don’t, they state that having good literacy skills also helps overall knowledge in all subjects. Reading is essential to a child’s development.

From this I have decided to focus my idea on education for children, focusing on literacy. Something that would interest children in reading and help in carry on doing so.

Nicholas Carr, 2010. The Shallows: How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember. 

Lets Get Reading, 2012. Child Literacy in the UK:

Alice Sullivan and Matt Brown, 2013. Social inequalities in cognitive scores at age 16: The role of reading.


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