Four ideas

Sleeping – the idea would be to create something that couple help you to sleep as well as help you to wake up. To help you sleep, the device’s screen would automatically dim, it would play soft relaxing music which had been proven to be successful. It would somehow turn off once you were sleeping. There would also be an option to help wake you up, an annoying alarm or something that would take a bit of time to complete before the alarm would turn off, maybe a small puzzle.

Coding – the idea here is to create a technology which helps an individual to code, it would be primarily made to for beginners and then intermediate users, to help you get started. The idea would be something that would seem enjoyable, so that people wouldn’t shy away from learning code.                                                                                 I’m not the best at coding and maybe if I had a technology a few years ago to help me with this, my skills could of developed quickly meaning I would now have stronger skills.

Groceries – I was thinking that maybe creating a technology which incorporates all the major supermarkets. In this one website or app all of these supermarkets groceries would be on show, and you could mix and match groceries from the different shops and put it into the same basket. This would make sure that you get the cheapest possible shop. A problem that I already have thought of, is if supermarkets would want this?

Education – This idea would possibly involve educating people on certain school subjects, either for children or adults, maybe even both.


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